Smoked Paprika & Coriander

A wonderfully rich and rounded flavour. Whole coriander seeds are gently heated to intensify their flavour and then cracked. The coriander is expertly balanced with smoked paprika and a combination of other spices. It is the perfect everyday jerky.

- Hand Crafted Jerky -
Fiery Mexican Chilli

Dried chillies are freshly crushed to unleash their fiery Mexican flavour. Our crushed chillies are used to craft a flavoursome marinade with an intense kick. Be warned, this flavour is highly addictive and fiery hot!

- Hand Crafted Jerky -
Mild Indian Curry

The unique blend of spices gives a warming satisfaction of curry flavour without extreme heat. The hints of cumin, fenugreek and black pepper will liven up your taste buds.

- Hand Crafted Jerky -

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